Are You Considering VA Loans Kern Financing?

California Real Estate VA Loans

Kern County is located in California, and it is home to two military bases including the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station and Edwards Air Force Base. This area of California is known as not only for various outdoor recreation and oil fields. Some of the activities that residents and visitors can enjoy are camping, biking, hunting, off road biking and snow skiing. This is one of the reasons why more veterans are choosing to apply for VA loans Kern financing.

The primary economy in this southern California county is based on the extraction of petroleum and agriculture, and most of the approximately 860,000 residents who call Kern home are affiliated with the Republican Party. The largest city in the county is Bakersfield, and other cities in the county are:

? Taft
? Shafter
? Arvin
? Ridgecrest
? California City

Around 45,000 of these residents are considered military veterans. The average price of a home is a little over $170,000, and the average income is around $47,000.

Are You Planning To Move To Kern County?

If you are planning to relocate to Kern, you will need to be aware of the VA guidelines when applying for VA loans Kern financing. Loan guarantees are limited to a maximum of $417,000. The only exception is if the property is listed above that because of the limits put in place by the county. However, in Kern County, the limit falls well below the national maximum.

With the average price of a home in Kern County around $170,000, there are many options of housing veterans can choose from. A VA loan can help you find the home of your dreams.

VA Loans Are The Best Option For Veterans

Veterans should consider getting their home financing through a VA loan. Although you will have to pay a few funding fees, you will also get interest rates that are very competitive. You will also have the benefit of owning a home with $0 down payment.

Purchasing a home is not your only option with a VA loan. You can also choose to have new home construction, or remodel your current home. Energy efficient upgrades will also be approved for VA loan financing.

With VA loans Kern financing, you can even pay off your loan early without being penalized. If you are having problems making your monthly payment, simply contact the VA. They will be there to assist you and help you find a solution so you can continue to keep your home and also make your payments.