Realtors Best Deal to Navigate 2017 Real Estate Field

“The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same.”

Although first quoted millennia ago, the above cliché noted profound truth that may resound today more than ever before. Below is an overview of brand new tools that can break the same old rules to level the field for players who plan to enter the 2017 real estate game.


Summarized Orientation to High-Tech Innovation Applied in Real Estate Contexts

Prospective buyers, sellers and brokers share just one objective best summed up as ‘STPX3’: “Showcase the Property, See the People, Sell the Place.” One stat published by the National Association of Realtors shows that 89 percent of all homebuyers search online first. Thus, real estate owners need make no quantum leaps in logic about how to succeed in competitive markets. Four types of e-venues are popular for use by all concerned parties at very low or no cost. For more information consult a professional Logan Gerritz, Portland Realtor.


* Social Media

Picture of logan gerritz social media helpNowadays, social media have become the number one crazes that portend to win coming generation waves of communication. Most home sellers may be shocked at what one Facebook post or Tweet may accomplish to meet their mission by capturing millions of buyers’ rapt interest. Today’s operative goal is viral exposure that plays the same role as ‘endless chain’ referral marketing. All, the real world is still a small place. A Chinese e-socialite just might be seeking a place to lay down roots somewhere near you next year.


* 3D Tours Ideal Cures for Real Estate Dealing & Wheeling Success

High-tech advances give buyers and sellers chances to ‘meet’ before they greet each other face-to-face to reach a meeting of minds. This saves tons of time and funds spent on gasoline and airfare between continents for house-hunting trips. Instead, everyone may stay put while they exhibit or visit homes via 3D virtual tours. Such visual forays are much like yesterday’s shows on prerecorded videos but depict full outlays of a home in vivid hues to highlight clear views of its unique charm. Woodgrain on floor and countertop surfaces hop from the screen, while plush carpet naps make viewers rush to see the Google Maps street scene. Textured wall paint, state-of-the-art appliances, and security interfaces make their cases to persuade buyers. On-site interactive maps also give prospective residents the right perspective of where and how their residence fits into a bigger scheme of work, school, medical facilities, public transportation and recreation amenities.


* Virtual Staging is Amazing

An old cliché that opines, “It takes a whole heap o’ living to make a house a home,” does hold the vast truth in real estate crimes of today. A very typical scenario entails vacant homes of absent owners who move before listings can become closed sales. Blank spaces convey empty abandonment vs. full enchantment to viewers wanting places to lay down permanent roots. Besides this, even occupied home sellers aren’t fortune tellers who know every buyer’s tastes. Not to mention customers who miss once-in-a-lifetime deals due to small artistic skills to see their dream home in its ‘subject-to’ repair vs. ‘as-is’ condition. Realtors live better on low commission income vs. no revenue from ‘ugly homes’ listed for sale that attract zero attention.

Fortunately, virtual staging software apps let prospects view a good potential of their future new home left vacant. Special graphics effects let buyers fill in furnishings, interior décor, artwork, light fixtures or repaint with a mouse click. The Northwest Indiana Times reported virtually staged homes sold up to twice as fast for up to 20 percent more than others did in 2011.


* Drones Sell Homes on Autopilot

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are mini-satellites commonly known as ‘drones’ that can snap aerial photos of homes. Customization seems to be UAVs’ main advantage over apps like 3D Google Maps Street Scenes Aerial Views. Drone owners can target specific aspects at zoom levels to showcase topographical assets for the most favorable impression. An outside deck patio around an in-ground pool can be shown from an entire perspective. Or, homeowners may opt to display sculpted landscaping from a higher level to accentuate its full magnificence. New high-tech drones let homes be shown in a way that was once cost-prohibitive, but they do require special expertise for proper operation and prior FFA regulation permits. Contact a คาสิโนออนไลน์ไม่ต้องโหลดRealtor in Portland to learn more about how these innovative tools can help you.


Make All Real Estate Pieces Fall Together – Forever

When an ideal home is located, the real work should begin to seal the deal by many areas to be navigated that snare buyers or sellers who are unaware. Sales contracts, home inspections, appraisals and mortgage loan applications are details best handled by a trained professional. So take a valuable vicarious lesson from history right. Contact an experienced Realtor who knows how to put high-tech tools to your best and highest use without breaking any standing rules of ethics or common sense values.