SEO and advertising on your site

So you want to run rank in the search engines to make money through ads? Many people use their website to make some side income with advertising. Although this is a great way to earn some extra income, if you do not know how to properly implement the ads on your site, you may be missing out on a lot of money that you could be earning.

The first mistake that people will make when they are setting up a website for the purpose of generating advertising income is to over stuff their site with ads. The thought is that the more as they have on their site, the more chances the visitor will have to click on one of them. The more times their visitors click on their ads, the more money they will make.

It makes sense, but this is not how it works. If you over stuff your website with ads, you will turn your visitors away. They will take one look at your site and realize it is completely riddled with ads and leave. Not only will you lose the chance that they click on your ads, but your bounce rate will increase which will negatively affect your ranking positions.

Google and other search engines will also keep an eye out for this. If you have an abundance of ads on your site, they will tag your site as one that does not have quality content on it and they will push your site down there rankings.

You can avoid this by keeping the amount of ads on your site low. Instead of going for quantity, go for quality. Be selective with your ads and do research into where the best places to put them are. Many people like to put an ad on the first half of the page and another one on the right sidebar. Experiment with different ads and see which set up works the best for you.


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