The Human Eye And How It Works

Throughout human history, it was difficult to fully understand how the eye worked. Today, we understand it very well; however, it is so complicated that it took us a long time to figure it out. Because of how concentrated the entire process of seeing is; most people do not fully understand how our eyes work. We will go over how our eyes work in this article for you today.

The eye takes in light that is reflecting off objects. The light enters the eye through the cornea. The cornea is the first layer that surrounds the eyeball. It serves two purposes. The first purpose of the cornea is to focus the light so that it can pass to the pupil and iris. It other purpose is to protect the eyeball. If you ever get hit or a scratch in the eye, you are scratching the outer layer, which is the cornea. The cornea is fairly resilient and can heal quickly relative to other parts of your body. Although it may seem like it doesn’t, the cornea does a great job that recovering from injuries as quickly as possible.

The cornea focuses the light so that is can enter the pupil and the iris. The iris is a very delicate part of the eyeball. If it is damaged, you may have a difficult time seeing throughout the rest of your life. Thankfully, the pupil is there to regulate the amount of light that enters the iris. This prevents too much light from damaging the iris so that the eye can continue to function properly. The iris then sends the signal of the image to the optic nerve which carries the signal to the brain. It is at this point that the job of the eyeball is complete. The brain then takes that information and allows us to visualize what we are seeing.


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